Hawaii 2017

This might have been my favorite Hawaii trip.  By now, we have developed a rhythm upon arrival.  Everyone knows where to go and what to do.  We have the perennial favorites but also time to explore.  Even better, the kids are now young adults who can take care of themselves.  No more tracking lost toys, watching protectively in the water, trying to find food that appeals to bland palettes.

For me, I felt extra mellow and relaxed.  Given the choice, I would spend the whole day at the beach house, feet up on the lanai or ankle deep in the surf.  Round it out with two fish tacos from Ono’s and I am sated.  I guess I am a mellow vacationer.  Itineraries, schedules and guidebook tours hold no   appeal.  Wandering, napping, and lazily floating along are much more my speed.  And the nice thing about Hawaii is that everyone is there at once so you can always find a partner in crime.  Want to head down to play in the waves?  Leina will join you.  Craving some katsu chicken? Daniel is your man.  Looking to go shopping?  Kevin has his keys in hand and is ready to go.  Prefer to sip a glass of wine and work on a puzzle?  Uncle Dan will pull up a seat for you.  Heavenly, I tell you.

I think I will treasure my memories from this Hawaii trip all year long.