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But Where Did It Come From?

There are two questions every book reader gets asked on a regular basis: what are your reading and how did you hear about the book. I believe that more important that a good book is the ability to find it. But how is that done? Ah, therein lies the mystery that I am going to attempt top solve. You see, instead of cataloging what I’ve read, I’m going to start by recording how I found it. Because a good book is hard to find.

Oddly enough, this first entry is a bit of a nombo. And, at the same time, the reason I even started down this path in the first place. You see, our internet died; very ethernet connection, the wi-fi signal, even our streaming service. It was a total blackout and it would be 3 days before anyone could come out to fix it. For Kev and the girls, this was no problem. They left the house in the morning and didn’t wander back until dinner time. They had access to other connections and were happy surfing their phones for the few hours they were in this dead zone I called my home. I, on the other hand, was trapped. I hate using my phone so instead, I opted to off-line activities while I waited to be connected to the world. I felt like quite the hacker when I realized that I had unread books on my kindle. It was like being on-line only you weren’t! Brilliant! So, I pulled up my unread queue, and began to peruse the titles.

They were totally unfamiliar.

Where these ebooks came from, I had no idea. Some were Kevin’s and these were easy to spot. They all had the word “Space” in the title. Mine were a bizarre hodge-podge of authors and genres. I have no idea why I bought these books but apparently I did. So, I picked one and started to read it.

Title sounded good. Cover looked cool. Lets go. I would use the following key words to tag this read: mystery, flashbacks, private high-school, female protagonist, series. I’m not sure if it is Young Adult. Maybe? To be honest, I don’t know what that term even means anymore. If I had to rate it, I’d slide it on the older end of YA. High school and above. It was a good mystery read and I have the next one on reserve at the library. The present day story is ok but the flashback to the original murder is what has me coming back for more.

But this found lost book had made me decide to record not only the what I read, but how I found it. So on that note, let me move on to the next lost found book…..