A Room of One’s Own?

Most days, this is where you will find me.  Waiting in line.  Drop off line, pick up line, in front of a house, or across from a gym.  It used to irk me to no end, all this time spent sitting in my car, parked by a curb.  But humans are amazingly adaptable creatures.  Rather than rail against my fate, I decided to embrace it.  I have a book stashed in my driver door (Hyperion by Dan Simmons).  Snack are located in the center console (dried nut mix from Costco).  Make up bag is on hand to pimp myself out if I ran out of the house in a blind panic because I lost track of time (lets be honest, this is most days for me).  And a small sketch book and pen set if I’m near something sketch worthy.  Add to that a few podcasts pre-downloaded and ready to enjoy (Hello From the Magic Tavern), and what was initially mind numbing boredom becomes wonderful relaxation.  Open the sunroof, lower the windows and enjoy holding still for a moment.  Sometimes, waiting can be lovely too.