Reflections from an 8th Grade science student

Parenting consists of choosing between three options:  laughing, crying, and fighting the desire to rage quit.  (Or at least that’s how it seems to me.)  So I relish every opportunity I get to laugh.

Leina’s science teacher gave them the assignment to write a letter to their parents expressing how they are doing in the class.  The students were to assess their work and reflect on the following: their effort so far, good behaviors, and areas of improvement.  Seems benign enough, right?  Unfortunately, the teacher was a bit rushed and didn’t have time to review all of their work.  If the student was happy with what they wrote, they were given the option to sign, seal and address the letter to their parents themselves without the teacher proof reading their report.

Below is a faithful copy of the letter I received from my child.  Enjoy it.  I know I did.