In and Out

Tomorrow is the big day. In a very bizarre and ironic twist of fate, I have to get two teeth removed and one tooth implanted. That just seems wrong, doesn’t it? How can I have too many teeth and not enough teeth all at the same time?!?!? I guess some of us are just extra lucky. Don’t hate me. Really.

I’m actually ok with the removal part. I’ve had teeth pulled before and it isn’t that bad. Ok, it’s bad but not THAT bad. Two more wisdom teeth will be yanked tomorrow leaving only one left. Gotta same something for later, right? And while I’m under, I’m going to have the first of four implants started. Yup. Four. Don’t ask. Like I said, just crazy lucky in the teeth department.

I have stocked up with rented videos – Season One of Mad Men and Dexter. I have prepped ice bags. My fridge is bursting with pudding, yogurt and mac & cheese. Must remember to tape notes to said food items so my husband/voracious children do not eat my special gumming food. Got all my meds lined up and ready to ingest. Bring on the dental work! Bring it!

(Or not. Gulp!)