Better But Tired

I’m pretty much back on track today but just so very, very tired. Bone tired really. I find myself curling up to sleep at the drop of a hat and my eyelids feel so heavy and dry. I don’t know if I’ll make it through the day without a nap.

I had to volunteer in Leina’s classroom this morning which is always draining. The constant motion and noise and energy is unbelievable. Today, it pretty much did me in. And, to top it all off, I had two kids look right at me and let out a big, juicy, phlegmy cough all over my face. I am so dead. I am already planning for the ensuing sickness because there is no amount of Airborne or ColdEze that can save me now. Of course, I am still on some heavy duty anti-biotics so maybe there is hope yet.

Really, though, I am counting the minutes until I can curl up and sleep. The pounding rain and looming clouds only add to my need to slumber. If only my children would respond the same. Unfortunately, the weather means a day of school without outsides recess so to say they are “on fire” in laughably understated. I have cute pictures to post from the Halloween parties they went to over the weekend but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Now, I’m off the throw together some food and watch the clock until 2pm. Then I’m turning off the phones and turning down the covers. Lookout nap time….. here I come!