New Week; New Book

Yet another memoir type book.  Am I on a role or what?  This book, Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory, falls into one of my favorite categories.  The sketch journal.  I love these little peeks into someone’s daily epiphanies and adventures.  These are books to pick up and admire a bit at a time.  Filled with odd thoughts and simple sketches, these books inspire me to keep a simple, scribbled journal of my own full of awful sketches and favorite quotes.   Mr. Gregory’s journal is set in New York and is full of city sketches of utilitarian objects around him.  Not a trained artist but a determined sketcher, this is a sweet little book to pick up and thumb through to inspire your own creative thoughts.

And, to celebrate the start of Spring Break here in Sherwood, I give you a picture of J-Dog in all her glory.  Please note the shaved spot on her leg where she received her IV drip after deciding to eat a rope.  Yup.  A rope.  Don’t worry, after a nice long day at the vet, she emerged right as rain.  For a “free” dog, she sure is good at racking up a vet bill.

Jada The Rope Eater

One thought on “New Week; New Book

  1. kat

    alternative caption for the jada pic: “but mom, it tasted so yummy!!!!” ou are on a roll with all the books – nice job lady!!!

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