Goldie and Rainbow



Because there wasn’t enough animal poop to clean in my life, right?  Actually, I kind of like these little buggers.  Oh, I have no illusion that they will last long.  These little fish never do.  But I do find myself mesmerized by their motion whenever I walk by their little bowl.  There is something so soothing about watching a fish swim.

So, Goldie and Rainbow came into our life in a little plastic bag.  The girls had their school carnival on Friday and we went down for some fun.  There were a ton of easy games to play, candy to win, teachers to dunk, and games to play.  It made me a bit nostalgic.  The cake walk, the ring toss, and the ping pong ball throw where the prize was your very own goldfish in a bag.  Timeless.  Of course, I remember our school carnival at Soleado being outside on the playground.  Here in the land of gloom, it was held indoors.  But aside from that, everything seemed unchanged.  Same games; same prizes.   We spent quite a few tickets on these here goldfish.  Leina won first and Kulia put on a brave face but the tears were welling.  Leina was feeling magnanimous and agreed to wait in line again to win her sister a fish and, several attempts later, she did.

And so, here they swim, our carnival fish.

Anybody want to take bets on how long they last?

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