Starting Slow

This has been a killer awful week.  I’m so grateful it’s Friday because I am in need of a good recharge.  I had my second implant put in last Friday and it went ok but I kind of forgot about the recovery process.  Add to that the fact that Kevin got crazy busy at work and it pretty much knocked me off my feet.  I don’t do well starting out slow.  I’m more of a jump in the deep end and strike out hard kind of girl.  Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out so well.  If I were to do it over, I think I’d go for the slow immersion method but ah well, I survived.   Right?  I’m almost back on to solid food, the sun is shining, the dog didn’t roll in pop today, and it’s Friday.  See?  Life’s good again.

Even better, the girls and Kevin are heading up to WA to visit Grandma leaving me and the dog home alone for a long, quiet, peaceful weekend.  And boy, do I need the break!

One thought on “Starting Slow

  1. kat

    hope you got to enjoy the sunshine today!!! And just thing your teeth will be all set for some yummy birthday cake!!!

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