Routine Needed

I am still struggling with our new morning routine.  I am so not a morning person.  I like to start slow and gradually build speed.  Over the summer, we’d get out of the house around 10am.  Now, we have to be moving by 7:30.  Talk about a shock to the system.  Luckily, Leina is a total early bird so she pops out of bed at 6am and hits the ground running.  Most mornings, Kevin and I are the ones dragging and it’s Leina urging us to get going.  What a reversal of  roles!

Aside from the early start, the girls both adore school.  Good teachers, good friends and lots of recess time.  I thought I would have more free time on my hands but apparently, this is not to be.  Instead, our calendar is suddenly packed with school activities and finding a quiet moment is harder than ever.  I guess I’m in the big leagues now.

Kat and I have begun our annual Christmas Craft season and it feels so good to get my hands busy again.  I have several different project scattered throughout the house.  I love picking something up and working on it for a few minutes or so.  It feel like such a luxury to curl up on the sofa and stitch for a few minutes.  Just heavenly.  However, as these are mostly Christmas presents, I will be unable to post pictures for a while.  I suppose I will just have to amuse you with my witty banter instead.  So sorry.  Please bare with me!

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