The girls loved their week of zoo camp and I survived as well.  Drop off was easy but pickup? Beyond crazy.  I had  no idea so many people try to go to the zoo in the summer.  It was unreal.  Even worse was the fashion disaster I saw on the last day.

I dropped off the girls at this little side gate, not the main entrance to the zoo.  It’s down the hill a bit and around a corner which is nice because you avoid the chaos at the ticket counter.  I had just waved so long to my little ones and turned around to hike back up the hill when I noticed the girl in front of me.  Now, remember, we were walking up the hill so I had a pretty good view of what was going on here.  Namely, she was wearing her underwear.  This is good, right?  Nope.   Because that’s all she was wearing on her bottom half.  A pair of very small, very faded, very tight cotton underwear.

Now, before you get too excited, let me modify your mental image.  Take away the Victoria Secret’s model and replace it with a 18 to 20 something girl pushing her kid in a stroller.  Add a nice juicy roll of tummy and back fat spilling out of the top, a spectacular collection of stretch marks and you’d be seeing what I saw.  Scary huh?  I, personally, was mesmerized.  I mean, underwear?  Really?  But the farther up that hill we walked the more sure if it I was.  They were made out of cotton with a thick elastic white waistband and were boy short cut.  Not loose boxers but skin tights tidy whites.  She spent most of the walk uphill trying to dig them out of her behind and pull them down as they rode up between her thighs with no luck.  They were skin tight and so I  can say with quite some degree of confidence that she was not wearing anything under them.  But then, why would she?  ‘Cause that’s just crazy to wear underwear under underwear.   Right?  I’m so confused.

But the truely horrifying part?  The thing that tipped me over the edge?  She was walking into the zoo, pushing her stroller, and talking to her mom and dad!!!!  Yes, her parents let her out of the house wearing only underwear!!  I have no idea what my mom would do if I showed up in public with her wearing only my underwear but I’m pretty  sure walking calmly beside me would not be one of her reactions.

Come on people.  Pull it together.  Put some clothes over your undergarments when you head for the zoo.  Really.