June 29, 2001

The Pooka Life

There's a ghost in my inbox.

I'll be working along, deep in my own little world, when up pops a message box. New mail has arrived. Would you like to read it now? I've decided that my inbox ghost is very sneaky. He only sends me mail when he knows I am on a roll and I will click "no" and get back to my deep thought. Here's the mysterious part. When I head back to my inbox to read the new message, it's gone. That's right, gone. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Lately, I've gotten wise. I try to catch him at his own game. When I see that little box, I hit "Yes", cackling quietly to myself. Mostly, it's just spam or some lame joke that pops up. But this last time, I think I caught him in the act because I hit yes and was told that the message had been moved and was no longer available. Hmmmm. Not only can he send me messages but he can move them around my mail box.

I'm going to stake out my inbox tonight. Just me, a flashlight and a bag of oreos. You want new mail, I'll show you new mail.....

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June 27, 2001

The Pooka Life

Welcome to the Northwest:

It's 70 deg F outside (hot for here) the sun is shinning and it's raining. This is the northwest for you. It was dark and drizzling when I went to lunch, sunny and hot when I came back. It was beautiful today for about 2 hours. It's the unpredictability of the area that spawns the creative genius that oozes out of every tree, leaf, and gutter up here. Genius like Bob Whittsitt, Gordon Smith, and String Cheese Incident (well, 1 out of 3 isn't too bad). Enough said, I wish it would stop dripping long enough for me to walk my dog.

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June 26, 2001

The Pooka Life

Check out our archive section for all those glorious notes you missed!

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The Pooka Life

Ok, this was too funny to pass up. If you like George W. Bush, don't go here.

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The Pooka Life

Currently, most copyrights last for the life of the author plus 70 years. (Ignoring, of course, the Sony Bono Extension Act.) After that time, they become fair game. An odd piece of knowledge? Perhaps. But this means a lot of those "classic" tales are now free to all! So when I was overcome by a desire to reread Little Women (don't ask why), I just hopped on over to BookValley and began to read. Better than buying a copy or hiking up to the library, eh? It was even better than I remembered it. Jo is still my favorite and I was devistated when little Beth dies. Sigh. I may try Huck Finn next to awaken my tomboy roots.... We'll see.

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June 25, 2001

The Pooka Life

Grrrr. The comments are down and I just realized that somehow I gave Kevin the administrator power. There's nothing I can do - I'm helpless. This is even worse than the time he managed to snag the remote and we ended up watching a made for tv Bablyon 5 movie (wide screen edition). Since I have been regulated to mere posting peon, please direct all your frustrations here.

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June 24, 2001

The Pooka Life

Blog Day 2: It's breakfast time! I've finished tweaking with the side menu and now I'm going to fix C some breakfast. The pooch has been satiated on a couple chicken wings earlier and is lazing on his bed. Later today we'll travel up to Tacoma for my grandmother's 87th birthday! It should be a wild party :)

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June 23, 2001

The Pooka Life

OK, this ought to make things easier. We're starved and off to make some breakfast!

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The Pooka Life

Just to set the record straight: she does know what an FTP is, she just doesn't know how one works.

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The Pooka Life

So after 30 minutes of bickering, we finally got this up and running. Kevin accused me of not knowing what ftp was. To retaliate, I gave the dog his favorite wash cloth. Now it's covered in dog slobber. But it worked as I now have the keyboard. If you want to hear a classic Kevin & Chrissie Trying To Do Something Story, ask my mom about the time we tried to fix the toilet.

Uh oh, Kev is getting grumpy again. Gonna hit post and run for the kitchen........ (I'll assuage him with some sausages)

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The Pooka Life

Cool new blogger. ( is this too lame for a first blog?)

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