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Our Newest Find

On a whim, I stopped at the antique store next to Kulia’s preschool.

I had Leina with me and we had some time to kill before pick up so I wandered in.  Leina is finally trust-worthy surrounded by knick knacks and breakable objects d’art.  Kulia…..not so much.  So the fact that it was just the two of us tipped my hand and convinced me to peek in.  As we wandered around looking at all the stuff, we stumbled upon a child-sized roll top desk.  Leina was in heaven!  Not only did it fit her to a T, but it boasted a whole row of little nooks and crannies just waiting to be filled.  She sat herself down, declared herself in love, and refused to budge.  Unbeknownst to Leina, my mom had an adult sized roll top desk that I loved as a kid.  Just like my daughter, I loved poking through all those little drawers and shelves.  I adored being able to roll down the top and hide everything away from prying eyes.  So when Leina found this little desk, I just could not say no.  It even came with a little wooden swivel chair.


We somehow managed to wedge it into the trunk of the car and Leina has spend a very happy afternoon setting it up just right.  I think it’s a very good find myself!

Leina's Desk

All I Want for Christmas….

It finally fell out.  Well, actually, I pulled it out.   But either way, Leina’s first tooth has officially fallen.  Her new tooth is practically already in place and ready to go so no cute gapped-tooth smile for me.  Sigh.  They just grow so fast….

Finally!  Its out!

Finally! It's out!

I Lied

Leina was crazy goofy yesterday.  I have no idea what bug got into her system but she was running around doing the silliest things.  I was crafting away when I heard her yell out, “Mom!  Take a picture of me!”  She was dressed as this crazy superhero with swim goggles and a cape.  It was hilarious.  I snapped a few pictures and we giggled as we looked through them together.  At the end, Leina turned to me, all serious, and said, “Now mommy, you aren’t going to put these on the computer, are you?”

“Of course not honey.” I replied.

I lied.


Superhero or Super strange?

Superhero or Super strange?

Crazy Girl

Crazy Girl

Day One

After six years of waiting, it’s finally here.  Leina’s first day of Kindergarten!   We are extra lucky because a new school just opened up this year right down from our house so Leina gets a brand new school to start her student career in and it is gorgeous.  New floors, new bathrooms, that special “new” smell throughout.  Ahhhhh.  It was a bit crazy at drop of with swarms of families and cameras everywhere but Leina took it all in stride.  Maybe it’s because she’s already six but she wasn’t fazed in the least.  No tears, no fears, no first day worries.   Just her usual quick kiss and then “shoo-shoo mom”.   I’m so glad we decided to hold her back and make her the oldest instead of the youngest.  I have no doubt she will breeze through this year with flying colors.   She is more than ready to tackle everything Kindergarten has to offer.

Bring It On!

Bring It On!

Due North

My kids are officially oriented. Both children have learned where to put their backpacks, how to find the girls’ room, and the quickest way to the playground. Up next, their first official day alone in class. If orientation is any indication, they will both breeze into their new role as Student without a backward glance. I find myself not crying over lost babies but trying to figure out how much “me” time I can squeeze into a measly 6 hours a week. If only Oregon did full day kindergarten. Sigh.

For now, I’m just trying to remember to take a picture of each kid before they head out the door for their first day of school. Ah, the burden of being a mom!