February 29, 2008

Caught Up

We are back and finally unpacked.

I have spent the last few days totally glued to the computer because some how I found myself with 264 blog posts to read. 264! How long was I gone people?!?! So I have been reading and clicking and reading and clicking but I am finally caught up.


That's the problem with the Internet. Everything is so connected. So one site leads to another, leads to another, and before you know it, it's 6:30 and the kids are starving and your house has been ravished and your husband has just walked in the door and is looking at the chaos with wides eyes that clearly say "what on earth have you been DOING all day" and some very wise part of your brains warns you not to answer that question because hearing that you surfed the Internet for, like, 8 hours straight will not ease his mind in the least.

So, yeah, I'm back and caught up. Just in time for the weekend. Yippee!

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February 24, 2008

The Rascal Day 3

All is good in Rascal land.

Kulia woak up at 7:30 this morning so I was barely up myself. A little less snuggling and a lot more feeding and we were on our way. One quick story to relate: I was hittin' the shower after breakfast, Kulia was playing by herself and I asked her to come up stairs to the craft room while I cleaned up. She said, “no I stay and play down here.” This was a statement of fact and not answer really. So I double checked all the doors and windows and hurried upstairs. I couldn't shake that feeling of doom though. So I rushed the shower, toweled off and moved to the stairs calling, “Kulia how are you doing?”

“I'm good.” another statement of fact. At least she was alive. I figured she'd be ok while I dressed and brushed my teeth. But when I called again she was silent. My first thought was she must have gone unlocked the sliding-glass door and gone out back. But when I came downstairs she was quietly finishing her breakfast-nuggest and eating a yogurt. The surprising thing is I didn't give her a yogurt for breakfast, just the nuggets and cheese. The little Rascal had gone to the 'fridge pulled a yogurt from the lower shelf, a spoon from the drawer, popped open the lid and started digging in. I was floored. Leina can do this but I didn't know Kulia even knew where the yogurt was. When I asked her about, she didn't even look up but said, “I wanted my milk but couldn't find it.” I took this to mean she went for the yogurt as a substitute. I figure she's counting the hours until Mom gets back and she'll never be wanting for milk again.

The rest of the day has been uneventful. Costco was smooth even though the “Nibblet Ladies” were a poor showing. I couldn't figure out why everyone was clustered around the cookie and quesadilla samples? Then I realized the other samples were carbonated water, tomato soup and an organic barely energy bar, yuck! We kept passing by the Nibblet Ladies and Kulia would point and shout, “I want some of that!” and I'd reply, “no you don't kid” and keep on pushing the cart.

Lunch and pre-nap playtime were a snap and the little girl's down for her nap finally. Kat and Josh are on their way over so I'm thinking this evening is going to as easy as sliding down hill in a snow storm. Yep, I got this Daddy thing pretty well licked. Let's just see what tomorrow brings ;) Knowing my Karma she'll probably fall and get a black eye and Chrissie will accuse me of child abuse.

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February 23, 2008

The Rascal - Day 2

I count yesterday as "day 1" with Kulia (aka The Rascal) 'cause I was technically alone with her from noon on - and that's more than enough time.

Day 1 re-cap:

We went out to lunch with Papa-Mac and she gave him her Rascal look the whole time, when not smacking down the Mac-and-Cheese. Then she came home and take a 3 hour nap. We finished off the day with an Artie walk in which she rode in the stroller and yelled, "faster, faster!" whenever we went down a hill.

Day 2:

She slept in until 8am. My body couldn't handle the extra sleeping time and I woke up at 7:15 (the Leina wake up time). I finally had to get up and eat at 7:30am. I'll try and stay up extra tonight to enjoy the sleeping in more.

We snuggled all morning in bed watching cartoons :) After 4 shows (her Daily allowance of TV) she finally asked if we could go play. For those of you interested there is a limit to her TV desires. I would have bet it was at least 8 shows. There's some hope for her yet.

We played Batman and Baby Robin, hide and seek, then puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. She's slowly figuring out how to turn the pieces to get them to "click" into place. She gets so excited when she does I just kept going and going and going with them.

Then we went shopping. My first single parent mistake. Instead of filling her with the required 10am snack I figured we'd just stop by the donut shop while we were out and about. Not a good decision. She was a terror by the time we got there and scarffed 3/4 of her donut and wanted another one. I didn't want to put anymore sugar in her than necessary but if she was that hungry I figured we'd better get something more nutritious from the car. When I told her the donuts were all done and we'd go to the car for some more Tantrum child went into full meltdown. Ah, there's nothing like a screaming child in a small store. The joy of parenting. Luckily she's still small and I could pick her up without much fuss. By the time we walked around the block to the car my arm was getting very sore but she'd calmed down. I got some raisins and fishes into her and she was much better. Regardless we weren't doing the Costco trip after that. It was home and some quiet time.

Lunch was easy - she didn't eat much wonder why? But we did another Artie walk afterwards 'cause the pooch won't get one tonight. She went down quietly but slowly and is in hour 2.5 of the nap and starting to rustle up.

Manny is sick so dinner was cancelled. It;ll be lasagna again for me - the 3rd meal in a row. Many thanks to my prescient wife for cooking me a delicious one before she left! We're going to do a post-dinner Safeway run 'cause Costco was pushed off until tomorrow. You may ask why I really need to go to Costco and that's because we're down to our last 1/4 bag of nuggets. At this rate Kulia won't have anything to eat on Monday. And I don't want Tantrum Child II to appear. Wish me luck.

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February 22, 2008

They're on their way

Well, Chrissie and Leina are in the air and on their way to their San Diego adventure.

Look out San Diego - Leina's coming to town.

It's just Kulia (aka The Rascal) and me for the long weekend. Things have started out right - she's 3 hours into her 1st nap already. I've crossed 2 items off on my to do list and already gotten a little Mythos time in as well.

I figure if I can keep The Rascal sleeping for 18 - 20 hours a day I should make it until Monday without a problem ;)

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February 20, 2008


Hi! It's me! Remember?

I'm not sure what happened there. I'm afraid I just kind of wandered off for a bit. A few sick kids, a bit of sunshine...basically I'm easily distracted lately. Must be the spring bug in the air because I've been rather flightly and unable to follow through on anything.

I have managed to pack my bags for a weekend trip to SD with Leina. I'm so excited and Leina is practically over the roof. Just the two of us! That's right, no diapers for me! I can hardly wait. Poor Kulia is being left behind with Kevin (or is that, poor Kevin is being left behind with Kulia?) while Leina and I take a quick jaunt down south to see the cousins. I'm sure it'll be raining there but I don't mind. Four days without a diaper in sight? Sign me up!

I guess that's part of the reason I've been so dazzled lately. It's hard to get up the energy to start anything when you know you'll be going away. Or at least that's the excuse I'm using!

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February 11, 2008

Go. Now.

If you live or work anywhere in Portland, stop what you are doing and go immediately to Cupcake Jones. I am not kidding here. This is serious. It's a tiny little store where they have managed to make happiness in the form of cupcakes. Seriously delicious cupcakes. Not only do they do cupcakes, but they do mini-cupcakes and even....wait for it....frosting shots. Yes, for $1 you can get a little cup-o-frosting if that is your hearts desire. Sigh. Could life be better?

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February 04, 2008


We got so much done this weekend. Our whole house was vaccumed from top to bottom, every toy put away, all the laundry hung and folded. It was awesome. And then the girls woke up and demolished everything. So my house is once again covered in chaos and dirt. But at least I can rest easy knowning it's new dirt and all that old dirt is gone. Right? Right!?!

Once the house was in order, I turned my attention to something a little more satisfying. I pulled out a pattern and fabric and sewed up some fun twirly whirly skirts for the girls. No zippers or buttonholes, just easy seam sewing. Right up my alley! I can higly recommend this pattern as easy and very very cute.

So here are the cuties, posing in their new threads.

Of course, if didn't take them long to discovery why I called them twirly whirly skirts.

And the best part? They have the same pattern in mommy sizes too! 'Cause really, who wouldn't want their very own twirly whirly skirt?

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February 01, 2008

Don't Want to Jinx It

Ok, so, I probably shouldn't say this but I have big plans for this weekend. I have kicked the cold and no one else succumbed to it.

This is good.

I'm feeling energized and ready to work.

This is also good.

And, most importantly, we have nothing planned for the weekend.

This is best.

My head is brimming with things I want to do. And so far, it looks like this is the weekend to do them! Cleaning the house? Sure! Weeding through the overwhelming piles of out of date kid toys? Let's do it! Starting a new sewing project? A must! Cooking, baking, and eating? But of course!

I know, I know, I'm setting myself up for a big fall but I can't help it. I'm so longing to get my house back together and my hands into a new project I can taste it.

They say enthusiasm is contagious so watch out. Maybe this will be a power weekend for you too. (Come on, you know you feel the urge to GET SOMETHING DONE. Right? So go to it)

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