June 26, 2007

Well Hello Stranger

Dear Tracy-

I know it's been a long dry spell for blogging and for that I apologize. You see, we've had quite the month of June here in the McLaughlin house. First, Papa & Tutu came to visit, then Suzy and the boys, followed closely by our old friends Dave, Shanda and their sweet son Max. So you'll have to forgive my lack of postings. I'll admit that things have kind of slipped on the blog front. Sorry.

But, I'm back! For reals! No joke! But before I go any farther, I have a bone to pick with you missy. It has come to my attention that you and Liza snuck off and saw Ocean's 13... without me! Um, hello? I enjoy a bit of Clooney too you know. If I hear that you have been breakfasting at Mother's behind my back, then it's war baby. However, I am prepared to overlook this one transgression Ms. Tracy. I am nothing if not gracious. (ha)

Well, you probably need to get back to work so I'll close now. But check back soon, ok? I promise I'll get back on the old blog horse this week. But remeber, I have contacts at Mother's so don't even think about it.....

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June 06, 2007

Mix 'n Match

Ok, ready for a glimpse into my strange mind? I have a real hang up about how my kids look. Ask Kevin, he'll attest to my strange paranoia. Since he has the fashion sense of, well, a man, I never let him dress the girls. He'll pick some awful mismatch, rumpled, worn outfit and my heart will cringe. One glance at my poor little fashion victims and I'll rush to their closet and pick out an entirely new outfit. I can't help myself. I just can't let my kids out of the house looking ungroomed. I see other kids happily frolicing about in the PJ's they slept in with tangled hair and flip flops and I just want to grab them and change their clothes. There are far too many cute kid clothes out there to waste a day in stained long johns people!

So, here's the problem. The other day, Kevin let Leina pick out her own outfit. Admittedly, I was sick in bed and unable to avert this disaster in the making because Leina, at three, has about as much fashion sense as Kevin. The resulting outfit was horrendous. And now? Now, Leina insists on picking her own clothes. And it is awful. Every day I watch her approach her closet and a little part of my soul dies. I love picking her clothes. I love shopping for her outfits. I love how fresh and sweet she looks after I get her dressed. I love hugging her warm little body while she helps me get herself dresssed. Now, my soul withers when she pushed me away and announces she will be dressing herself this morning.

Now, part of me knows that I should let her choose her own daily wear. This is a sign of independence and they are just clothes. Right? But when I see Leina struggling into a pair of pajama shorts and a turtleneck t-shirt, something inside me snaps.

My new plan is to teach Leina about fashion. The idea of dressing for the weather, dressing for the activity, and dressing in style. She's more than willing to listen and nod at the appropriate moments but I don't know if anything is sinking in or not. She still insists that a green and white stripped turtleneck, a pink heart skirt and a pair of red knee-high Dora socks are just "perfect" for a day at the water park. I try every so gently to sway her toward, say, the tank top and shorts but no. She's quite sure that her Dora socks are the way to go. I'm beginning to suspect she has not only inherited her father's blue eyes but also his fashion sense as well. In which case, I have a long road ahead of me.

I always knew that eventually I'd lost control of Leina closet. But honestly, I never thought I'd be so soon. So if you see my kid hopping down the street with moppet hair and clothes that look like I grabbed them blindfolded from the Goodwill reject pile, give me a pat on the back for managing to let go 'cause I'll need it!

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June 05, 2007


Before kids, my goals were so simple. Meet my billable hours. Throw out food when it started to mold. Remember to lock the door when I left.

Simple. Easy. Non-life threatening.

Now, my goals seem so much harder. Keep two year old from running into traffic. Fend off diaper rash. Grow three year old's mind. Remember not to swear around little ears that hear everything.

But there is one goal I have developed that I take very seriously. About once a week my goal is to corner Leina and tickle her until she pees. Yes, that's right, my goal is to make my kid laugh so hard she pees her pants. (Am I a great mom or what?) And not to brag or anything, but I am good at the tickling. The secret is in the anticipation. You tickle, and then stop. Then you move in very very slowly. Let them sweat out the incoming tickle. Usually I have Leina so excited she's laughing before I even touch her. Then I pounce and tickle, taking care to frequently change my area of attack. If you tickle one place for a while, it will de-sensatize. If you roam and tickle, it's much more effective. So I tickle her belly, her neck, behind her knees, her inner elbow, the base of her back and her sides. I tickle and tickle until Leina yells, "Mom! You made me pee my pants!"

Yes! Goal attained! And let me tell you, there's no joy like the sense of accomplishment that comes with tickling you child to the point to bladder loss. Don't believe me? Grab a kid and give it a try. Pretty soon, you'll be adding it to your weekly goals as well.

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June 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Yes, a mere two years ago today, we welcomed Kulia into our family. I was so nervous about having her. I was afraid I would never love her as much as Leina. How little I knew. Kulia has wormed herself so deep into my heart it's unreal. She is, by far, the sweetest, rascal-y-est, cutest child to ever be.

Mind you, I never thought I'd spend her 2nd birthday sitting in the doctor's office learning she has two ear infections and two eye infections. Poor baby. So there was no big party. No pile of presents. We had Safeway cupcakes in the backyard with Grandma Vicki and then watched the girls splash nekked in the wading pool for a while. But she got her birthday song and her birthday wish and in this crazy world of "theme" parties and loaded goody bags, I think we managed to retain the true heart of a child's birthday.

So baby, tonight I will dream of you and all the joy you have brought me these last two years. It has gone so fast, but then, the good times always do.

I love you rascal. I do, I do, I do.

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June 01, 2007

You're One of My Kind

There are so many things I should be doing right now.


But I'm not! And you know what? I bet you have a whole list of things you should be doing right now at 3:30pm on Friday instead of reading this. But you're not!

You are so one of my kind. Ha! Take that cruel world. You can put us in front of the computer but you cannot make us work! Ha ha and double ha!

But seriously, I'm much better but now poor sweet Kulia is down with it. And so tomorrow, on her 2nd birthday, we will be sitting in the doctor's office waiting for an unscheduled appointment to get her seen. You know how you see some kids and they have that nasty yellow/green booger slime running out of their nose? Well, Kulia has so much of that booger slime backed up waiting to get down her nasal passage that it has started oozing OUT OF HER EYES.

I *so* kid you not. My child has green boogers seeping from her tear ducts. Her tear duct people! And guess what? It turns out, that's not so normal. (Yes, it took an actual advice nurse to tell me this. Who knew?) So we're off to the doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is draining properly.

From her eyes people!

And with that pleasant visual, I bid you all a fond Friday adieu!

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