February 22, 2007


We have broken down Leina's crib.

It was one of the 3 in 1 do-hickeys that starts as a crib and converts into a toddler bed. For a while now, it's been in toddler bed formation but I had noticed that my sweet girl pretty much filled the entire crib/bed. When she stretched out her toes, she hit the end rail and I knew it was time. We inherited a twin frame and bed board from Liza and they sat unused in our garage for a few weeks. You see, I was biding my time, waiting for my dad's visit. Every time he arrives we have some handyman project lined up for him to keep him busy. Just in case hefting small grandchildren isn't enough of a workout. So this time, I set him to work on Leina's room.

Kevin kept the girls occupied and out of our hair so my dad and I could break down the crib/bed, rearrange the furniture, and set up Leina's new twin bed. It took about 2 hours to get everything ready. Once we were prepped for the big reveal, Kevin led the girls upstairs and we ushered Leina into her new room.

Her reaction was not, exactly, ecstatic.

She took one look at her new bed, crosses her arms, furrowed her brow, and turned up her nose. I knew what was coming next. Her current favorite phrase is "I hate....." and I could see the words forming on her lips when Kulia, bless her pesky little soul, burst into the room.

That kid ran straight for Leina's new bed, threw herself on it, and began rolling around gleefully squealing with uncontained joy. Leina was torn. On the one had, she was all ready to hate the new bed. On the other, Kulia was clearly violating her personal space and having way too much fun. Leina is many things but most of all she is smart. She quickly transferred her hatred of the bed to..... her sister.

"Get that baby off my bed!" Leina yelled. "That's my big girl bed and there are no babies allowed!"

Once Kulia was removed, Leina began to declare how much she loved her bed and how Kulia was never ever ever allowed to even looking at it again.


So last night, as I lay in bed with Leina and read her books, I asked her if she liked her bed. She said yes, she loved it.

"Isn't Papa the best for building you this bed?" I asked Leina.

She thought about this for a moment and then said, "Yeah, I just wish we could think of some way to get him to stay here longer."

I had to smile as I watched her little mind plotting away next to me. Watch out Papa, she has her sights set on you!

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February 20, 2007

34 Yards

I've been hit by a sewing bug. Don't know when I was bitten but I've got it bad. It started innocently enough with the Halloween costumes and has now turned into a full blown disease of unsightly proportions.

My sister told me about this online fabric place that sells "mystery bundles" and I got suckered into the first time buyer deal. Next to me sit 34 yards of various fabrics and I have no idea what to make. None. Even worse, I just found out that patterns tend to run 2 sizes bigger than store bought clothing so all the patterns I have are way, way too small. I flinch at the thought of buying a huge size 20+ pattern but that's just reality I guess. So here I sit with tons of fabric and nothing to sew. Sigh.

And did I mention my new serger? I succumed to a horrible impulse and bought a it from Amazon during a delirous stage of this disease. I'm not sure what exactly you use it for but I've seen lots of directions that say "serge" so I'm hoping it'll be usefull. It also came to two DVD instructions and an obscenely large booklet. When, exactly, I'm going to find time to figure this thing out I'm not sure but it's sitting next to my pile-o-fabric and eyeing me alarmingly..

So that's the state of things. I have all the machinery and fabric but no clue what, exactly, to sew. I'm thinking my only recourse is a trip to a fabric store which, I'm sure, will only lead to another large pile of sewing items to keep my already monstrous horde company.

Sigh. Will I ever be cured of the strange disease????

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February 16, 2007

Job Opening

I would like to take a moment to brag about my Valentine's Day. I feel free to do this because usually, Feb 14th involves a Safeway flower bunch and some Walgreen's chocolates. Not something to write home about. But this year? Well, let's just say Kevin got it right.

I had been complaining to Liza about Kevin's idea of a big gift. I'm just not the kind of girl who appreciates an iron or a new skillet. Kevin tries very hard but somehow he misses out every year. Liza summed it up very well with what she called a "Tuesday Gift". This is the gift you would like for your husband to bring home on a random Tuesday to show that he has been listening to you and thinking about you. A "Tuesday Gift" would include a new vaccum cleaner, socks, or a loofa. The last thing you want to do is offer up a "Tuesday Gift" on a major holiday like an anniversary, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. When I explained Liza's definition of a Tuesday Gift to Kevin, he got very quiet and then asked me if a new set of knives would be a "Tuesday Gift" or a good Valentine's Day gift. In desperation, I sent him Liza's email address and told him to run any further gift ideas past her and I hoped she could set him straight.

So Sunday morning rolls around and I'm lazing in bed. Kevin announced earlier that he had to work all day so I was tring to figure out how to entertain the children for yet another day when they all burst into the room. Kevin had a large envelope in his hands and announced that today was Valentine's Day. I was a bit confused at this point. I had thought Wed was the big day but he informed me that no, V-day was coming early this year and I needed to get moving. He handed me the first of many sealed envelopes and instructed me to open in. Inside I found a note and a map directing me downtown to my favorite coffe house, Stumptown. I was told not to open the next envelope until after I had ordered my coffee.

I happily fled the house and headed downtown. I had no idea what was in store for me and the suspense was wonderful. When I finally arrived, I found Kat sitting by herself sipping a latte. I thought, "ah ha! Kat is in on this! What fun!" However, the shocked looked on her face and the fact that she too held a bundle of sealed letters lead me to believe that we were both in the dark. Our devious husbands had put their heads together and planned a day-o-fun for both of us! Yipee!

The next envelope contained a gift certificate to Mother's, our favorite breakfast place, and instructions that reservations were at 10:30am. This is how the day played out. We were sent from spot to spot with gift cards and reservations waiting us. After breakfast, we were instructed to head to Powell's and then to a salon for a pedicure. After our toes were painted we discovered The Tea Zone which had heavenly scones and finished the day with a trip to Talbotts.

I must say, it was so nice to have a day with Kat all preplanned and prepaid. It made me long for a personal assistant who could smooth my way through everyday. Wouldn't it be heavenly to wake up to a planned schedule with everything reserved for you and paid for? Ahhhhh, just remembering it makes me smile.

Kat and I quickly decided that this was going to be an annual tradition. It was way better than a new knife set. (Thank you Liza.) And while I didn't buy any new shoes, it did kick me out of my funk and get a little spring back in my step.

Now when, exactly, is Mother's Day?

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