December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho...

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December 20, 2006

Proper Attire

When I am not sick, which seems like a lifetime ago right now, I'm trying to get to the gym three times a week. I like to go really early in the morning to get my workout in. I must say that I enjoy leaving the sleeping house behind for a little "me" time even it the sun isn't out yet.

At the gym, I have my own section I like and I've come to expect a certain group of regulars. There is the hard core runner who does these intense sprints between sporatic weight lifting. The hot guy who has a bit of a tummy that he is working on. The older couple who walk every morning together around the track, arms pumping, without saying a word, and the large young guy who is always wearing sweats and a very large sweatshirt pulled over his rear. I suppose I'm the 30 something mom trying to work off her baby fat which would be pretty accurate.

So imagine my surprise when I claimed my treadmill to find a new face next to me. She was hard to miss. She had on full make up and buffed nails. Her ponytail fell just below her sholders in a perfectly smooth cascade of dark hair. She tiny little hiney fit into her size 2 black spandex shorts and to top it all off, she was wearing a tube top sans bra. Yes, you heard me, this chick was working out in a bright green tube top.

Um, hello? Pony tail too tight honey? Do you have any idea what happens when you decided to jog braless wearing a tub top?

Ok, maybe she did. All I know is that I was totally distracted and I'm a woman! We had all sorts of male rubber neckers wandering by checking out the jiggling action. Now, I'd expect this is some pickup gym after hours but at the Sherwood YMCA? At 6am? Craziness. It was like a bad episode of Charlie's Angels crossed with Baywatch with a dash of Fit Club.

It was fun to watch all the men trying to sneak a peek without being too obvious. I really can't blame them thought because I could barely tear my eyes away from her slowing dropping tube top the entire time. I must say, my 30 minute workout just flew by. So maybe tube tops and gyms do mix after all.

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December 18, 2006

Our Last Post Office Run

I'll unplug the kids from the tv here in a minute to make our last run to the post office. The end is in sight. I only have one more Target run and one mall run left this season. Our cards will be late but hey, at least we're sending them out at all right?

It definately feels like Christmas this year. The weather is nice and chilly and we wake in the morning to a nice white covering of frost. People in our neighborhood went crazy with the lights this year which is very nice to see. Our little reindeer herd is looking a little sad. They've stopped moving and parts are falling off. I'm thinking we'll be culling the herd this winter. Sorry Kev.

Leina is so excited for Santa. She totally believes and I have come to appreciate the power of Santa. Merely uttering the phrase, "Santa is watching" produces an immediate behaviour change. This girl really wants a pair of roller skates under the tree.

Kulia? Yeah, well, for her Christmas is a magical time of year when mommy puts pretty shining things on a tree for her to pluck off and throw around the house. She's enjoying herself immensely. Me? Not so much. Our poor little tree is pretty bare for that first three feet and is then stuffed with ornaments on the top. I'm surprised it hasn't keeled over yet.

I still need to get our Christmas ham and make Christmas cookies. We also must watch The Christmas Story one of these nights. Aside from that, we are looking good for Christmas 2006!

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December 04, 2006

You Can Run...

I thought I was safe. When we moved to this sleepy suburb from the big city, I thought I had a chance. A chance for a new life. A chance to re-invent myself. I could leave behind my past and start over fresh. I would be sweet. The good neighbor, the kind mother, the supportive friend.

I had them all fooled past caught up with me. It was the end out our book club and things were winding down. I don't know exactly how it happened but someone made the comment that I was so nice.

"Chrisse? Sweet?" Kat laughed out loud. "You have to be kidding. You know they used to call her RMC at work?"

I tried frantically to signal Kat. To cut her off before it was too late. But it was hopeless.

"Oh, was I not suppose to say?" Kat asked shyly, but the cat was out of the bag. My new friends wanted to hear all about Really Mean Christine. It seems my skeleton was out of the closet.

There were gasps and "oh my"s as my other self was revealed. Brittany almost swooned. All were shocked as my sweet facade was ripped asunder to reveal the true me. Well, not all were shocked. Liza leaned forward with unbridled glee in her eyes, rubbed her hands together and declared, "I knew I liked you for a reason!"

Ah, well, I suppose you can't hide the truth forever right? And lets face it, June Cleaver I am sooo not. Kevin is excited to reclaim his sainthood and I suppose that's ok. However, I still take offense at being called "mean". I prefer "naughty" or "mischievous".

But I must say, Really Mean Christine does have a very nice ring to it!

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