October 30, 2006

Rounding Third

Peter Pan is finished.

Tinkerbell is done except for the wings.

It is 9:30pm on October 30th and instead of diligently finishing off those darn fairy wings, I am here, surfing the net and wasting time.


Why is it that the final 10% of a project is so hard to do? It's like I get the bulk done and thing, "phew, that was fun, what's next..oh wait, I still have the finishing touches left. Grrr." I don't know what I have against the finishing touching but that last push just kills me. I have spent weeks and weeks and hours and hours over these costumes and now that the end is so near, I'm totally out of enthusiasm.

Do you think anyone would notice that Tink lost her wings tomorrow night?

Ok, ok, I'm going. But that kid better look back on the pictures of this Halloween and MARVEL of the exquisite craftsmanship if her fairy dress.

Bring on the candy 'cause I'm ready to kiss this holidy good-bye!

(Ooooh, did I mention all the very cool Thanksgiving projects I have lined up? Did I? Did I?)

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October 27, 2006

Hang in there Baby

I'm in over my head.

For whatever reason, things have gone crazy. I don't do real well with changes. I like my routine. I like being about to predict what the next day holds. Unfortunately, my children seem to enjoy thwarting my nice routine. They insist on growing and changing and demanding new and interesting adventures. Drat them.

So, since last we met, Kulia has weaned completely and totally dropped her morning nap. One week she slept in the moring, then the next, nada. Gone. She'd look at me like, "nap? moi? please mom, morning naps are so 13 months old." All I can say is thank god for Sesame Street. Now I park them both on the sofa with cups of milk and grapes for an hour and let the folks on The Street raise my children. I must say, they do a smashing good job.

Leina has potty trained during her awake hours. She's in a big girl bed and free to stroll in and out of her room at will. This basically sucks. Convincing her to a) take a nap and b) take it when I say so is becoming harder and harder. We have yet to tackle diaper free naps but I figure lets rock one boat at a time, shall we?

Kevin has transfered into a new group at work and boy howdy is he working. And working. And working. And working. Did I mention the working? Add to that the first official cold of the fall season and you have a house in turmoil.

So, yeah, that's where things lie right now. I have yet absorbed all of these changes into my life but I'm workng on it. I'm sure by the time I get used to this chaos my off-spring will devise some new coup to drive me crazy. Thank goodness they are the cutest children EVER. EVER.

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