July 24, 2005

Apologies to Papa...

It has been brought to my attention that there are 2 people arriving in just a few days to see us (really they want to see Kulia and Leina). And while we have a counter dedicated to Tutu – proclaiming to the world the esteem, love and excitement we are feeling for the visit of that wonderful women - we did not have one for Papa. Aka:

Silly Papa
Cold Papa
On an airplane Papa?
Watch me Papa!!!
Papa of Papa and Tutu

Let me categorically state that we are just as excited for Papa’s visit. We know he is going to have a blast playing with his rascally oldest granddaughter as well as be overjoyed at finally seeing his latest granddaughter.

I know Tutu know’s what she’s getting herself into. I just hope Papa does too…

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So Long, Farewell

It's the end of an era here in the McLaughlin house.

The kitties are gone.

Yes, that's right, the girls have found a new home.

The cats have been on their last life for a while now. The random crying at 5am, the bringing of dead and live mice into the house, and all the cat hair. But last week, we hit a new low. Not only did they manage to bring in a live snake that hide under Kulia's carseat, we also discovered a large racoon in our garage eating the cat food. The racoon was the last straw. I love the girls, I really do, but racoons are mean and I just couldn't get the image of one attacking Leina out of my head. So Kevin posted an ad in the paper and a very nice couple came by yesterday to take a look at the cats. They were smitten and decided to take them home. We told them if it didn't work to call us back but I have a feeling they are gone for good.

So last night, after the 3am nursing, I found myself wondering about my cats. They were in a strange house with strange people. They were probably firmly entrenched under the bed and wondering what was going on. Well girls, I hope you like you new home. I know our house is a little quieter without you.

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July 21, 2005


Leina is hilarious right now.

Tonight we were hanging outside. Baby sister was catnapping in the swing and we had the sprinkler going. Leina was down to her diaper and running amuck. She charged up to me and said...."mommy want a 'cano?"

"Sure!" I replied.

"OK mommy," Leina said and ran toward her little playhouse. "Wait mommy! Leina will get you an americano!"

She ran back a moment later with a little cup and handed it to me then turned to Kevin and asked, "Daddy want a mocha?"

I find myself asking her "who taught you that" quite often as she amazes me with all her new tricks. The conversation goes something like this...

"Watch mommy. Me skipping!" Leina exclaimed and began doing a strange shuffle step across the room.

"Who taught you to skip?" I asked my little munchkin.

Leina paused, placed her index finger on her lower lip and tilted her head to one side. "Ummmmmmmm Tutu!" she exclaimed and resumed her skipping.

It seems this is her stock answer because tonight Kevin asked her in all seriousness... "Leina, who taught you calculus?"

"Ummmmm Tutu!" she exclaimed.

Sometimes she throws us a curve ball just to keep us on our feet. At dinner, when asked who taught her to be silly, her answer was Uncle Dan. I sense there might be a bit of truth behind that one. I love asking her open ended questions because I have absolutely no idea what she's going to say. It is, by far, my favorite game to play.

This kid is an absolute riot!

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July 15, 2005

Quickly Mended

Kulia is so incredibly cute right now. Her chubba-chubba checks and big owl eyes. She loves to streeeeeach her little arms above her head after she wakes up and is beginning to coo with her sweet little voice. She is, quite simply, adorable.

She is also a handful. In fact, she broke her father today. Having learned from Leina, Kulia is already on a schedule. Wake up, nurse, awake time, then sleep. This make life much easier for all. So after a nursing, I packed up Leina and a shopping list and headed to the store leaving baby sister with her father to enjoy. He played with her and then, when she got sleep, attempted to put her down for a nap. Attempted being the key word.

When Leina and I returned, we found an exhausted father and a small child who had steadfastly refused to go to sleep. Kevin was broken. He had resolved that she was just going to have to cry and learn to sleep. And then, after a nice nursing, he held her little warm body in his arms, watched as a gummy little grin broke across her face, and Kevin....mended.

It was kind of fun to watch because I break and mend several time a day. At the end of an exhausting battle to get her to sleep, I too vow that I'm just going to let her cry. But after I calm down and hold her sweet little self in my arms, I find I have a little more patience and stamina than I thought. And once again I'm ready to do battle over napping. I don't why is has to be so hard but I guess it's why she's so cute. Good thing too.

Eventually she will have to learn to fall asleep on her own and there will be much protest crying but for now we are helping her along with as much snuggling and holding and rocking and cuddling as possible. Sweet baby sister. I had forgotten what it felt like to fall in love with your child but it's happening again. And it's wonderful.

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July 13, 2005

Halfway there...

You'll notice from the new counter to the right that tomorrow is the "halfway to Tutu" point. The day on which Tutu has been gone just as many days as the number of days until she comes back. Now, I know 15 days without Tutu may not seem like many, but to those in the throws of baby-dom, it's a lifetime.

Please also note, that some people out there - I don't want to name any names, but they live in San Diego and have 2 adorable little boys - get Tutu so frequently that they don't even need a Tutu counter on their website, and even if they had one it wouldn't go above some insanely small number, like 4!

But I'm not jealous. No not me.

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July 09, 2005


Poor Kulia.

She has caught another cold. Leina was three months before she had her first stuffy nose but poor baby sister is on her second in only 5 weeks. Leina brings it home and Kulia suffers through it. As if it isn't hard enough being a newborn now she can't breathe! It seems to be worse at night because she's waking every 45 minutes to an hour crying and totally stopped up. This makes for a very crabby child and mother. Her last cold took her three weeks to kick. I can only hope this one passes through quicker but it doesn't look good.

Poor baby sister.

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July 01, 2005


I came downstairs today pretty cocky. I had survived Thursday on my own all day long and no harm had befallen either of my girls. One whole day, thank you very much. So today, I was riding my win.

"Good morning sweetie!" I lilted and bent to kiss my big girl's forhead.

"Mommy, you smell." Leina said solemnly.

"I smell?" I replied. "What does momma smell like?" I was expecting her to say "sweet" or "pretty" or maybe even "like a flower."

"Stinky," Kevin pipped in.

"Stinky," Leina parroted. "Momma smells stinky."

So all day today, Leina would run up to me, give me a sniff and proclaim, "momma smells stinky!"

Yes, but I survived kiddo! Two days without help and I didn't place either child into the recycle bin even though it was, technically, recycling day. Ha! Sleep, showering, eating leisurely, who needs that stuff. Not me! Oh no, I'm a mommy!

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