October 1st

What is it about Fall?  I’m not an artist or photographer but yet I find myself talking about “the light” to people.  There is something about autumn sunshine that does the most amazing things to the colors around you.  I can’t call things blue or green.   Right now, I find myself savoring the words burnt umber, cerulean, emerald green, fiery red, mustard yellow.   Walking home today, I tried to say the colors I saw.  I must have looked crazy as I stopped before a bush, running through all the crayola colors I knew trying to capture this red/yellow hue.  But that’s what Fall does for me.  More so than spring.  Spring here is just two dull two-tone.  Grey sky + brown mud.  That’s it.  But Fall?  Fall has so much more to offer visually.  And when that crisp azure blue sky hits the hunter green sky line of trees, you just have to stop and admire it.  Or at least, I do.