New Week; New Book

I was so torn about this novel.  It’s a mystery and winner of the Edgar Award in 2008 for Best First Novel.  It is a suspenseful police procedural with great characters and storyline.  Two mysteries are intertwined in this book.  In the mid-eighties, three kids go into the woods and only one is found so traumatized he can not remember what happened to his friends.  The found boy grows up to the a homicide detective who lands a murdered child case in his old home town.  Trying to track down the murderer, the detective finds himself drawn back to the fateful day his friends disappeared.  Both mysteries are wonderfully well written.  However, only one of them is solved.  The other is left dangling in the most unfulfilled way.   This is the rare book where, as much as I loved the story, the ending killed it for me.  It was a real let down after such a great page turner.  From what I can tell, quite a few people felt the same way.  Great book, bad ending.  Ah well.  I guess some mysteries really are left unsolved!