New Week; New Book

And Only to Deceive

I forgot to take a picture before I returned this book but good ol’ Amazon came through for me.  Phew.  So, very cute book.  It’s a genre jumper.  Mystery + Regency Era + Romance.  Good times!  The author did not follow society rules precisely.  Her heroine flaunts convention and gets away with it quite regularly.  Of course, she is also beautiful, young, recently widowed and endowed with quite a fortune so she is free to sail her own course.  The book revolves around some mysterious artifacts left behind by our hero’s recently departed husband.  In solving the mystery, she also learns more about her spouse and finds herself falling in love with him even though he is gone.  Do not worry, there is a rogue-ish gentleman to ease her suffering, society matrons who wish to marry her off, and a few dastardly villains to round out the group.  A quick, fun read that has just enough sparkle to keep you interested.