New Week; New Book

The Dirty Life

I seem to be on a memoir kick right now.  Sometimes “real life” can be just as interesting as fiction.  One of my favorite memoir genres is the farm story.  It usually involves a city person who one day wakes up and realizes they need to get back to the land.  So, with great ambition but little real idea of what lies before them, they pack up their old life and head to the hills.  Usually, there are chickens involved and that is an added bonus.  This book, The Dirty Life by Kristen Kimball, falls squarely into this category.  Ms. Kimball is swept off her feet by a man with a plan that involves farming, animals, and getting back to the earth.  She is a city girl so it’s all a great mystery full of hard work, anxiety, and love.  Mostly, it’s about her developing faith.  Faith in herself, in her community, her marriage – all the big ticket items really.  It doesn’t romanticize the experience though.  After finishing this book, I realized I had no desire to farm 80 acres or slaughter pigs or walk behind plow horses.  Chicken, however, I could still go for chickens!

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